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In general epoxies can become very slippery when wet or greasy if inadequate texture is present. Tera-Lite, Inc.’s top interest is the safety of our customers. Below please find our recommended textures based on expected use and environment.

SMOOTH Dry areas or areas that will not have foot traffic of any kind (i.e. trenches, and per the Health Department, underneath equipment and counters in kitchen applications, for ease of cleaning. Note: There is no such thing as a perfectly smooth glass finish; there will always be some debris from the atmosphere (dust, lint, etc) that will cause imperfections in the surface.
STIPPLE (Aka Orange Peel) Dry areas only where smooth is not desirable. This offers little to no anti-skid.

The only texture for walls and ceilings

#100 MESH (Additional Cost to Install This Texture) Dry areas only where smooth is not desirable. This offers little to no anti-skid.

Note: This silica sand is as fine as a powder and requires an additional thin seal coat to prevent sinking into the epoxy.

#70 MESH/ ALUMINUM OXIDE #60 Areas such as dry storage, restrooms with toilets and sinks only (not recommended for schools due to high probability of water play), and inside walkways, etc.
FLINTSHOT/ ALUMINUM  ALL wet areas, kitchens, shower rooms, wash down areas, and outside walkways that are not high traffic.
ROLL-SEED-ROLL/ SSF High traffic areas, areas with extreme exposure to liquids, outdoor locations. This is an aggressive texture.

The enclosed represents Tera-Lite Inc.’s recommendations only from our experience, but the final decision must be made by the
owner or the owner’s representative. If an anti-skid selection is decided upon that Tera-Lite considers being a safety concern,
a release shall be signed.