Anti-Skid Recommendations 2018-03-08T08:30:52+00:00


In general epoxies can become very slippery when wet or greasy if inadequate texture is present. Tera-Lite Inc is very concerned with the safety of the end users so we recommend certain antiskids for different areas and their usage.

SMOOTH Dry areas or areas that will not have foot traffic of any kind (i.e. trenches, and per the Health Department, underneath equipment and counters in kitchen applications, for ease of cleaning. Note: There is no such thing as a perfectly smooth glass finish; there will always be some debris from the atmosphere (dust, lint, etc) that will cause imperfections in the surface.
#100 MESH Dry areas only that need ease cleaning (clean rooms, etc). Note: The selection of this texture will require an additional seal coat be applied and therefore an additional cost will apply.
#70 MESH Areas such as dry storage, restrooms with toilets and sinks only, and inside walkways, etc.
FLINTSHOT   ALL wet areas, kitchens, shower rooms, wash down areas, and outside walkways.

With a good, consistent housecleaning program in some wet areas # 70 can be used, but typically that is not the case.
This letter represents Tera-Lite’s recommendations only from our experience, but the final decision must be made by the owner or the owners representative.