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LEED Point Credits

The use of Tera-Lite LEED Compliant Epoxy Flooring and Wall Coating systems can provide
you and your project with Green Building Credit Point Potential.

LEED 2.2

Regional Materials – MR Credit 5.1 or 5.2 (1 to 2 points)

Tera-Lite is the manufacturer of the Tera-Gem III Epoxy products and we are locally located in San Jose, CA. The aggregates that we use in our IFS and CRS systems are locally mined in Marina, CA. This qualifies under the Regionally Manufactured and Regionally Extracted on most U.S. Projects.

Low Emitting Materials – EQ Credit 4.1 or 4.2 (1 to 2 points)

Tera-Lite’s Tera-Gem III Epoxy products use VOC – FREE resins, binders and primers.

LEED certification itself applies only to building projects, not products or services. However, the use of LEED-compliant products helps to contribute valuable points toward earning green-building status for projects targeted for certification.